The Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust (KSMT) was set up in January 2012 in memory of Kirsten Scott, who tragically died in October 2011, just after her 25th birthday, following a short battle with cancer.

Mission statement

The aim of the Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust (KSMT) is to provide financial support to young people aged 26 and under, in order for them to fulfil ambitions, enhance their personal development, and make a positive contribution, either at home or overseas.

We hope that through the trust, beneficiaries will be able to enjoy rich new experiences which they would otherwise not be able to undertake, and in doing so, create a fitting legacy for Kirsten.

The trustees will consider applications across a broad range of areas – including, but not limited to, the arts, sport, exploration and travel, volunteering, community or personal development projects.

What we do

Provide grants to young people.

Who we are

The trustees are comprised of a group of close friends and family of Kirsten, from different parts of her life.

Why we do it

Kirsten’s short life was characterised by a rich set of challenges and adventures, which made her into the remarkable person that she was.

We want to enable other young people to access life changing experiences that would not otherwise be available to them, but which offer unique opportunities for personal development.

We want to create a community of KSMT supporters, beneficiaries and friends to build a long lasting legacy.

How we will do this

In the next five years:

Primary activity: award one off grants to individuals (aged 26 and under).

Secondary activity: provide financial support to organisations and groups whose aims align with KSMT, with the potential for longer term support.

Another priority is to ensure that the passions and interests of Andrew McMenigall and Toby Wallace, who lost their lives in 2013 during a cycling fundraiser for KSMT, are represented in these activities.

Who can apply

Young people aged 26 and under at the time of the proposed activity (with a particular focus on those with a demonstrable financial need).

Organisations and groups who work with young people aged 26 and under.

We review applications quarterly – in January, April, July and October. The deadline for submission is the 15th of each of these months.

All successful applicants are required to provide a report of their experiences, to be published on the website. You can apply here.

Please note, whilst we welcome applications for activities and special projects which relate to existing educational programmes, for example, in support of field work or electives, the trust regrettably is not making grants to fund tuition fees or maintenance costs for those in full or part time education, at this time.

Good luck!

The Trustees

The Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust is a registered charity in Scotland SC042819

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