Kirsten Scott Prize for Service

We’re pleased to say that Abigail Kell was the inaugural recipient of the Kirsten Scott Prize for Service to the School Community on 29th June 2012.

The annual prize has been set up at Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh, Kirsten’s former school and will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate an outstanding contribution to both the school and wider community. Abigail is a remarkable young lady. As an active member of Reach, a charity for children and young people with upper limb deficiencies, Abigail provides support to members – she herself was born with one hand. She also volunteers at Cancer Research UK and has an enviable musical talent, both on the French horn and singing.

We wish her all the best as she goes on to study English Literature at Glasgow University. Thanks also to ESMGC and the principal David Gray for helping to organize.