Aberdeen Asset ‘Bake Off’

Aberdeen hosted their second annual London ‘Bake Off’ in November 2012. Many thanks to all who participated as entrants, consumers, judges, contributors, and Joanne Moore for organizing. The standard was astonishingly high and judges risked extreme sugar highs to deliver their carefully considered verdicts.

Their combined generosity raised over £800 to date for the Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust. A special thanks to Martin Gilbert for personally matching the staff donations and to Georgina Pardoe for putting together this great video recording the spirit of the event.

As a company, Aberdeen Asset Management have committed to support KSMT over the next five years. This means that the Trustees will be able to develop a number of sustainable, longer term projects, as well as supporting individual applications. The company has also recently nominated the Trust in a new project called Pennies for Promise, in which every employee who signs up, rounds down their monthly pay-cheque to whole pounds, and the pennies are gathered together and donated to the Trust.