KSMT provides first grants to individuals

The Trust is pleased to announce that following much successful and generous fundraising we have begun to distribute grants to individuals and groups who contacted the trust directly following the last newsletter.

The successful recipients include Bryony Moody, a music graduate who since leaving Leeds University with a first class degree has been teaching part time at Bryanston School. Her ambition is to continue her impressive cello career professionally, and as such, the Trust have provided a grant in order to support her purchase of a professional standard cello.

The Stirling School of English has also been awarded a grant to help them provide their fantastic service throughout 2013. The school is run by teaching volunteers, providing valuable English tuition to young migrants to the Stirlingshire area.

Bruno Paterson-Brown, 22, has also received a grant towards travel, in order for him to complete an internship with the GVI in South Africa. Bruno graduated last summer from the Scottish Agricultural College, Aberdeen with an honours degree in Countryside Management. This project in SA, lasting 6-12 months, will give him valuable practical experience in nature reserve and conservation management to help his career progression.

We look forward to receiving the reports of the recipients’ experiences, which we will share on the website in due course.