Support for The Gesu School in Philadelphia in memory of Toby Wallace


The Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust has made a significant donation to the Gesu School in Philadelphia, USA. The charity educates, nurtures and enriches the lives of marginalised children from the four poorest postcodes in the city.

The Trust’s donation will pay for the education, books, counselling and school meals for two children for an initial duration of three years.

The great work of Gesu School was something recognised by Toby Wallace (pictured below), who regularly visited the school, inspiring and enthralling the students with stories of his transatlantic row, daring them to aim high.

Toby Wallace and Andrew McMenigall, two colleagues of Kirsten from Aberdeen Asset Management, were tragically killed during a fundraising cycle for KSMT and It’s Good 2 Give in June 2013. KSMT is committed to continuing Toby and Andrew’s charitable aims – utilizing the generous donations made to the Trust in their name. Gesu School is the first charity we have supported in this regard.


Toby at Gesu2

Toby at Gesu